Cheap Single Family Homes in Virginia Beach – Where To Look

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We get asked quite a bit about where to find inexpensive single family homes for sale in Virginia Beach. For first time buyers, and especially for people new to our area, it’s not easy to know where to look. In this post, I’ll highlight three Single Family Homes For Sale in Virginia Beachdifferent areas of Virginia Beach where you can find inexpensive homes – often for $150,000 to $200,000. Also, at the bottom is a link to our search page where you can put in your own criteria (price, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc…) and get a list of homes that match.

To start, there are a couple of things to keep in mind while you’re searching for a home. As far as price goes, the lower the listing price, the more problems you’ll encounter. While you may be able to find a livable home for $180,000 for example, the lower you go, the more repair and maintenance issues you’ll find. Some homes will need so much work that they won’t pass an appraisal…in this case, it may be tough to get a mortgage. My point is that if you’re interested in homes for $150,000 or less, don’t expect to walk in the door and find a move-in ready, completely updated property.

Here are three places to look for the least expensive Virginia Beach homes:


A personal note: I really like the Aragona area of Virginia Beach (probably because I bought a house there when I first moved to Hampton Roads…still love the area)…it’s just about as convenient as you’ll find – close to interstates, close to Virginia Beach Town Center, shopping and restaurants extremely close by – and it’s still very affordable. The beaches on Shore Drive at Chick’s Beach are only about a 10 minute drive North, and the Oceanfront / Virginia Beach boardwalk area is a short 15 minute drive East on Interstate 264. Most of the homes here are in the 1,000 to 2,000 square foot range, the oldest were built in the 1950’s.


Very similar to Aragona, but a few miles closer to the Oceanfront, is Princess Anne Plaza. As far as convenience goes, everything is close by – Lynnhaven Mall, the popular Hilltop shopping area, tons of restaurants, and more. It’s bordered on the North by Interstate 264, so to go anywhere in Virginia Beach is very easy…just hop on the highway. Most of the real estate in Princess Anne Plaza, similar again to Aragona, ranges from the 1950’s and newer in age, and similar in size as well, from a small 1,000 square feet (or less in some cases) to some larger and newer homes.


In the Northwest corner of Virginia Beach is Diamond Springs – not far from Aragona, and close to the Norfolk Border. Being farther North you can get to Chick’s Beach and Shore Drive a bit faster, and being very close to Interstate 64, it’s easy to get just about anywhere. Diamond Springs is very close to the Little Creek Amphibious Base, too. as you might expect, the homes area similar in age and size to Aragona and Princess Anne Plaza.

Here’s the link to all of the single family homes for sale in the above areas. On the search page, you can modify any of the criteria in the left column to really zero in on what you’re looking for:

Virginia Beach Real Estate – Aragona, Princess Anne Plaza, and Diamond Springs

Knowing a bit more about our area will give you a headstart when you begin your home search. As long as you keep in mind that buying lower priced homes can sometimes be tricky, and as long as you have an experienced Buyer Agent working with you (hint: we have several very experience Buyer Agents here at Brian Duncan Group – contact us here and we’ll fill you in on how it works!), you can avoid some of the common pitfalls that may get you in trouble.

As always, call us at 757-802-3004 for more information on any property, or to see any in person – you can’t really get the full impression of a home from just looking at pictures…and we’re happy to help you!


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