SPOTLIGHT – Virginia Beach Oceanfront Homes And Condos For sale

Hello Everyone!

…another beautiful day in Virginia Beach…let’s hope it continues!


Virginia Beach Waterfront Homes and Condos For SaleI wanted to post something quick about Virginia Beach Oceanfront real estate, and give you a few links so that you can check out all the properties for sale right here on our website.

Right now there are over 230 homes in the Oceanfront area. I took the liberty of including Sandbridge Homes For Sale as well, as there are some good deals down there right now. NOT ALL of the homes in this list are waterfront, but all are in the general oceanfront area, and I limited the low end of the price to $125,000 in order to eliminate the timeshares (you can adjust the price on the search page if you want).

Some updated statistics, as of April 4th:

Don’t forget to call us at 757-802-3004 to get more details or to see any property in person… can’t really get the full impression from pictures. Oh…and you can search all Hampton Roads Real Estate (oceanfront, waterfront, foreclosures, condos, Norfolk, Chesapeake, etc…) using the form to the left.

Here they are…enjoy!

[idx-listings linkid=”239742″ count=”250″ orderby=”Price” orderdir=”ASC” ]



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