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Wanna know what’s happening in real estate in our area? For a comprehensive look at the current market climate here in Hampton Roads

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10 Most Expensive Homes In Hampton Roads

Just for the heck of it, here are the 10 most expensive homes in Hampton Roads – Check ’em out, and dream a little…or buy one for Mom. She deserves it.

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How Can A Buyer Agent Help Your Home Search?

So…you’re ready to buy a home here in Virginia Beach / Hampton Roads…what’s next? Who do you call to get more information? If you’re not aware of what a Buyer Agent does, you might just call the agent whose name is on the sign in the front yard – the agent hired by the owner of the property to help them sell it – the Listing Agent – and you might be making a BIG MISTAKE. Here’s why:


Continued Gains In Hampton Roads Hint That Recovery Could Be Near

The Real Estate Information Network (REIN) posted their latest report showing positive signs in the Hampton Roads Real Estate market. We’re seeing more sales than last year, the inventory is dwindling down, and in some areas there is a shortage of homes available.